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Bended Knees

These chill bumps are Braille
For insecurity
They slither through my skin,
Infecting as they rise,
Chewing through the shield.
Clouds tumble from the sky
And weigh upon my shoulders.
I squint my eyes to understand
But images hang in the air,
Taunting my vision field.

On bended knees,
I wait for promises.

I’ve got to make a bed
To rest my head
And take some time to heal.
To reconstitute
Where my spirits lie
Where my faith resides.

In my heart, I wait for more
Beyond the static voices,
The closed doors.
Arguments, buzzing like bees,
Swarming, stinging me.

On bended knees,
I wait for promises.

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I debated about posting this one. But then I realized, if someone had something ugly to say about it (then they shouldn't say anything at all!) then they're not a real friend. :P

What can I tell you.... A typical Kelsey poem, that has worlds of influence this time?

I dunno, I like it.


“Poker Face”
All along I was so wrong
Independence clouded my judgment.
Such fault, I only speculated
These feelings were fleeting culprits,
So easily instigated.
I thought I was blind,
Though my eyes were shut in sleep,
Mistaking solitude
For abandonment.
At first I played such caution,
Spying with darting eyes,
Incognito, my default disguise,
Waiting ‘til the coast was clear.
Little did I realize,
I was living my own lesson.
Little messages in bottles
Drifted to my soul
From higher realms.
A thief, a queen,
What was I really?
Until then, I was merely
A primitive fool,
An ignorant loser,
But I could never tell.
My poker face had been misplaced.
When it all made sense,
And I remembered
Not who, but what I was,
Changed by the mystery
To build a faith
That filled my heart with love.

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God is so.....Mischievous.


So awesome.

I guess i was born into a needy artist's body, so demanding, i can't stand not having inspiration. I thrive from influence. Such a cliche, but it's like a fish out of water when i can't convert these thoughts into words. When i'm confined and can't express myself. 

I guess it's the coldness outside the fish tank that bothers me. A world of denying friend invites, cancelling plans, jumping from one conclusion to the next. I don't like it. I've learned, with help, to accept change, but not always to be pleased with it.

But maybe just tonight we should forget about whats right one last time...

Well, school apparently has it's benefits.

The class and I  went to two museums. The first was to get a taste of older art, 18th and 19th century art. The second was of contemporary art...

I've never felt so inspired. I left the art gallery with my heart soaring. I went outside felt so energetic. The day was so bright, the energy, the vibrant clouds reflecting the sunlight. Suddenly I could see again.

I really find it amazing, when you pray for something, and it's instantly answered. But..

...All prayers are answer according to will, or destiny. Whichever you please.

I really don't believe in coicidence. I don't believe in luck. Destiny makes no room for luck, or chance. 

...But this is not what this post was about XD

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Warning, don't ever make a come back when you won't STAY back. 

Then again, i didn't see this coming.

I've been....

..................So stressed.

I've broken out, perfectly in time for class pictures tomorrow, (Praise God for clinque..)

I've not slept well. 

I've nearly had spontaneous human combustion.

The thought of art, other than art history, has not even crossed my mind. 

I hate it though, my life goes out of balance when i don't write.

I have, however, really had time to ponder some spiritual things. I prayed to God to provide time for me to ramble off and understand him a bit more...

...of course, i found i had plenty of time, and things went accordingly. Of course.

I thought after midterms, life would be simple. Things would fall into alignment, time would stop counting down, measuring time that's left until. I would be able to lie down under a tree again.

Not so much. 

And to be a pessimist, prospects are, not much will change.

Let's stop being a human and start remember happy things:
Imagine Peace Tower, John and Sean's birthday, a certain love subject coming into play, field trip thursday, and Woods of Terror job friday, the one where i'll dress up and scare people out of their minds and tell everyone about it at the Times News.

Maybe one of these days i'll get my butt back into gear and bring out that notebook again. Until then, the only notebook i shold be concerned about is called a Study Guide.


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Love is real,
Real is love
Love is feeling,
Feeling love
Love is wanting
To be loved.

Love is touch,
Touch is love
Love is reaching,
Reaching love
Love is asking
To be loved.

Love is you
You and me
Love is knowing
We can be

Love is free,
Free is love
Love is living,
Living love
Love is needing
To be loved.

John Lennon is loved.

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Happy birthday John! 

And, for one who can hear me, happy birthday Sean!
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Old picture alert...

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Whooo, i don't know about you, but that's my new favorite. Probably because of my inspiration behind it:

I started out listening to Beck, thus the very....strange analogies. Finished it up with some trip hop feel, and....the main ingredient..."people". Yes, did you catch the special line? XD  Makes me think of Dhani singing in Lord Lord, "Why does it take so long lord" like in My Sweet Lord. LORD.

yes yes yes. The closest thing to a song, with a chorus, though extremely short. Maybe one day i'll put music to it.

Talk about laziness, i didn't want to take new pictures, 'cause, in 12 days, i'll look totally different. "hey that's ok, let's just take a really old picture from 2006!!!1!!"

my issues with it: In the line about "offerings to idols/ made with puzzle pieces..." i had difficult deciding on with, from, or by. When you change that part, it gives it a whole new feel. Kayleigh said "with". I almost feel "from"....because do you see the message? Idols we've made, using puzzle pieces...

Ok that's all. Enjoy.

Mmmm I love this. :)
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My welcome back poem...

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You could say it's been
A long time coming 
From beyond the line.
Echoes have summoned me home
Where clouds hover
By colorless rainbows.
Where on God's earth have I been?
Some la la land of illusion?
A familiar place tricked me 
Into a foreign environment.
These vibrations rained 
Into my soul and rattled me.
Realization told me
This magnifying glass
Doesn't do any good
To follow the footsteps
On which I stand...
For I landed on a circle.

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Ahh home again, home again. Yes. 

Welcome, new people, welcome back, old friends, to Kelsey's revamped poetry journal. My goal and plan and ambition is to use this as much as i use my regular journal not just with poetry, but my art- my photography, which will more than likely be my future career, my art rambles, deep discussions, again, feeling free to be myself.

If there's one thing i've learned in this world, never rely on people to "accept" you or your differences. It's really my number one lesson, this year, with all that's changed and happened. That's why my friends are so cherished, they put up with me. I'll never be anyone who i'm not, and no one can change that as they've done before, my life story.  I've had endless struggles with who i am and really having other people come to terms with it, but i can really say, I feel better about being "different" more than ever now.

I don't try and hide, if you don't like me, whatever, that's my philosophy. Sure, i'll be myself in my regular journal-but here is my deeper, different side i normally save for occasions. 

I wasn't expecting a rant like this, but there you have it. Deep rant number 1, of many more to come. 

Enjoy! Comment, share, please. I gotta give this journal wings again, you gotta help me fly. Oh yeah, none of these will be friends only, not like that flew *snort* i have non livejournal users that i'd like to share with.

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